Betting has become common in sports these days. Predicting the win or loss before the match has become more famous these days.  Even people get interested in that because it not only satisfies their curiosity but also gives them some returns if they participate in betting. Though the sports player puts forth full of his or her might and skills in the game, the luck plays the major role in their game.  Predicting this luck before the match or during the match or game is called sports betting.


The technique of predicting the winning and losing of a player or the team before the match or during the match is called as sports handicapping.  The experts that do sports handicapping are called as sports handicappers. Many sports enthusiasts use to listen to the predictions from their favorite sports handicappers. Check this link to get to know about different world’s best handicappers.

The sports handicappers use the following factors to predict the win or lose exactly.

  • The previous data of the team and the player
  • Previous form and the current form of the team and player
  • Other various statuses of the player and the team

 Top Handicappers

The top handicappers in the given list predict exactly about the result and the performance of the match. As far as handicapping is considered it is not easy at all. It requires deep knowledge on the player’s form and other details from some previous years to till date and they handicapper has to analyze various data to come up with the results. As you go through this link you will find it interesting to know about list of top handicappers and why they are on the top. They have been doing phenomenal job in handicapping. The provided link is best to get more information regarding sports handicapping.

Marc Hall